Email Etiquette for Professionals by #ChartAcc, avoid silly mistakes

Thursday, April 3, 2014 - Official mails should look professional, right! Following are some rules that would make your draft a great Email:  

  1. Start: - for first mail use Hi, Hello or Dear (Use Hi for Americans, Hello for Europeans, Dear for Asians)  - for another mail to the same person just address with his or her name
     - for addressing two people write Hi A and B but don't use A/B. 
  2. Content:
     - Explain Situation 
     - Ask or tell Action items 
     - Ask for or provide Information 
  3. Politeness:
     - For requesting something we should not use can, instead we should use could.
     - Don't not write 'Please find the attached file' as recipient does not have to find or search the file so you should write 'The file has been attached for your reference'. 

  4. Conclusion:
     - Conclude with a Thank You
     - We should not use 'Thanks and Regards'. Instead we should say:
     - Thank you  - Regards
  5. Formatting:
     - Font: 
    It should be as per Company guidelines like EY follows TNR 10. Generally Verdana 10 is preferred.  - Color: For writing use only Black or Blue color. For highlighting purpose make the word bold. Avoid using Red color as Red signifies danger, so use it when urgent. 

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