CA from which college : 10 Alone : by Vikrmn : यह CA कौन से कॉलेज से किया?

Thursday, March 27, 2014 - Toughest question for a CA to answer. If you are a CA, you might have encountered a person asking this question at least once.
10 Alone by Vikrmn CA from which College CA Vikram Verma
CA from which college : 10 Alone : by Vikrmn : यह CA कौन से कॉलेज से किया?
Novel 10 Alone : a saga of 10 Chartered Accountants
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Q: बेटा ! CA बन गया?
(Son! Are you a CA now?)
A: जी अंकल !
(Yes Uncle!)
Q: बहुत अच्छे ! पर एक बात तो बता बेटा !
(Very Good! But tell me one thing Son!)
A: पूछो अंकल !
(Sure Uncle!)
Q: यह CA कौन से कॉलेज से किया?
(Which college have you done this CA from?)
A: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. Why you no stop asking this question?
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