Balance sheet of a Bank - Assets side #ChartAcc

Friday, January 31, 2014 - Assets side of a Bank would contain following items:

  • 1. Cash in Hand
    2. Cash with the Central Bank (RBI) 
    3. Cash with the other banks 
  • Money at short notice
  • Bills and securities discounted
  • Investment of bank
  • Loans and Advances given
  • Other Assets 
Above items are explained as follows: 
Bank's assets include include cash in hand, cash with other banks and cash with central bank (RBI).
Money at short notice includes money made available by bank at short notice to other banks and financial institutions for a very short period of 1-14 days.
Loans and advances are the monies made available by bank to customers.

Balance sheet of a Bank - Assets side #ChartAcc by Vikrmn CA Vikam Verma
Balance sheet 
of a Bank - 
Assets side 

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