CA Freshers - "Thy the VICTORIOUS.."

Saturday, July 27, 2013 - Recent pass-out CAs have something to say. It's sometimes tough to find an instant job in the market. Hereunder is what they say..

  • "After hardworking for more than 6 year to become a chartered accountant i m still looking for a job."
  • "Same is d situation of almost every fresher yaar! too goin thru d same.."
  • "M also facing same problem, Don't frustrate, u all will get the good job soon...... God will help us.."

And this is what people reply..
  • I think your struggling time starts now.... but may god u get it quickly...
  • Have faith in GOD....and have faith in YOU..

GUYS!! No one else would help you. YOU have to take the lead yourself. Keep the rigorous search on. Update your CV daily. Still if you don't come across the desired job then at least forward that job link to your colleagues.

On the top of all, don't sit idle. Work to improve you knowledge in the mean time.. in the following fields..

  • IFRS (mainly IFRS 18, 21 and 39)
  • Read extensively on how to improve "Communication Skills"
  • Learn Group Discussion techiques.
Last but not least, start researching / writing on any professional topic you like the most. Till the desired job comes your way, you'll have a thesis ready in your hand to show that you didn't sit idle.

Having faith is good thing, but keep on doing, something, anything you like. Do at least that thing which you can add to your CV.

Start NOW.. go PLAY..

Remember.. "Thy are the VICTORIOUS.. who dare not to give up.."

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