"Kolaveri Di" vis-a-vis "XBRL"

Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's not talk about Technical terms for now.
Let's talk about some Interesting terms.
"Kolaveri Di", The world famous song, all are aware of...
So Simple, So Easy, So Interesting...

It has broken:

  • Barrier of Languages;
  • Boundaries of Nations and
  • Limits of Music...

It's anatomy represents acceptance in Local, National and International market...

Now let's be technical and back to our term "XBRL"...

Purpose of XBRL is same as of "Kolaveri Di".
It is meant to make Financial Reports acceptable Locally, Nationally and Internationally, if required...

XBRL can be interpreted as:

  • Predefined Coding (Recording, in case of the song);
  • to incorporate Laws / Taxonomies (Local language in the song);
  • in acceptable form of Financial Reports (Music in case of song);
  • which is easy for stakeholders to interpret (Simplicity of song).
And when criterias listed supra are met, the purpose is accomplished, as is required by XBRL.

Interesting!!! Right??? a bit atleast...

Keep waiting for more on XBRL...


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