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Saturday, June 26, 2010

This week India gonna get its Currency Symbol.

like Dollar has $, Pound has £, Euro has € and so on...

Followings designs are the shortlisted out of a contest held by Ministry of Finance (Govt. of India) in Feb 2009:

Great to know that we gonna get our Currency Symbol.
All above symbols represent R of Devnagri (Hindi) Language means  " र " (Ra)...

Initiative is really appreciable and work done is marvelous.

I just wanna do a critical analysis on it:
  • Why to promote "R" which denotes Rupee

     - USD is symbolised as $ which resembles S denoting "States"
     - - i kno it represents Pesos or Silver Unit

     - GBP is symbolised as £ which resembles L denoting "London", capital and largest city of UK
     - - i know it represents Lira

     - Euro is symbolised as € which resembles E denoting "Europe"

    So I should be a better presentation of Indian Rupee (INR) being I for "India"

  • Why to promote R which resembles currency of other countries too
     - R South African Rand
     - Rp Indonesian rupiah
     - Rs Pakistani Rupee
     - R$ Brazilian real
     - RM Malaysian Ringgit
     - RSD Serbian Dinar

    So why not to create a Unique Symbol that is outstanding of all others.

    The sign " i "  is not occupied by any country upto now, i dunno if they do after reading this article....LOL....

  • As per conditions of the contest symbol should be:
     - applicable to normal standard keyboard,
     - in the Indian National Language Script or a visual representation and
     - representing the historical & cultural ethos of the country as widely accepted across the country.

     - i dont think any of above letter in images is available on all keyboards, on the other hand Symbol " i" can be written any on any keyboard with double strike through.

     - Moreover, the letter "i" has a dot at top which represents a dot (called Bindi in Hindi) and which is marked on the first letter when we write India in Hindi


    and a Dot on " i " can represent "Ashoka Chakra" (अशोक चक्र) of Indian Flag...

  •  - र represents Core hindi, though it is National Language but 28 core Indian Languages like Bengali, Marathi, Telegu and Tamil etc. are spoken in India other than Hindi, why to do prejudice.So why not to present such a symbol which promotes unity of all languages, giving priority to the country as a whole.

    Ok, for example try to read it --------------- 卢比
    were you able to read????
    Nope???? ok then try to write that...

    m sure u ll take 5 minute to write...

    U kno that is written in Chinese and its meaning is "Rupee"
    The same problem will occur if a person (not knowing hindi) reads or writes it.

Thus, i think the Symbol for Indian Currency should be somewhat like as given hereunder:

Which makes me think of our dignity as following image:

May be few modifications are required to it.

It's Republic of India, and i stand a right to suggest.

Comment Here folk, lemme kno if PhD of 2 hours i did is wrong or right...

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Unknown said...

According to me it should be the fifth symbol with a dot placed on the top of it. said...

More the technical graphics u create, more harder to write it for a common man...

Anonymous said...

accha hai..

Anonymous said...

According to me symbol 4 is best option which is easy to rite and we can relate it to rupee . also as said "i" with some modifications can be considered but as per the considerations of indian government if i was to vote it would be for symbol number 4

CA Ankit Goyal said...

Well thanx to your P.hd of 2 hours on INR symbol but i refuse to admit anything from ENGLISH language represent our country/ I think figure at S.No -4 is easy to write and should be adopted. said...

प्रिय मित्र अंकित (Dear Friend Ankit)

टिप्पणी के लिये धन्यवाद (Thanx for the comment)

अंग्रेजी से मुझे कोई लगाव नही है (I am not addicted to English)

हां, Internet में भी मैं "व व व . कॉम" लिखना पसंद करुंगा, और वो दिन जरूर आयेगा (Yes, I would like to write even "www . com" in hindi and that day will also come)

परंतु अंतर राष्ट्रीय बाजार में प्रतिस्पर्धा के लिये यह जरुरी है (but to compete in International Market, this is required)

ISO 4217 standardises Currency Codes e.g. USD, GBP, INR, JPY etc and we have to accept, we cant say that we need it in hindi.

Same way, though there is no regulation for Currency Symbol selection, bt still it should be compatible as per all views like Language, International presentation and uniformity.

I am nt saying that the symbol suggested by me should be accepted but m sayin this is just alternative n modifications can be there.

Nikhil said...

Though I agree with your opinion for choosing"i" as a symbol but now the list has been shortlisted,now i choose Symbol 4.

Anonymous said...

4 th one is the bst... nd we shld nt strt anothr ...hindi vs Eng!! nywayz, i feel 'i' cn b the wrst optn.

Utpal said...

There is a lot of controversy going on about the 5 Indian Rupee Symbols that have been shortlisted. I personally don't like them. I'm sharing the one I had designed and which got through the first round but was later not taken up. Would be great to get your feedback on it.
Here is the link to the symbol I designed: said...

Tanx buddy

Really great, logical and detailed work....

The matter is not that why a particular symbol is rejected, the matter is that a universally justifiable symbol should me selected...

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Anonymous said...

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