45) Interview - Stress Interview, wat it is.......

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Stress Interview", You might av heard bout it bt wat it exactly means, even i wondered once....

Lemme elaborate here wat it is...
It’s a tool to measure reaction of the candidate in typical situations by creating a stressful environment. Interviewer tries to 'Unease or say Irritate' the candidate to judge the tolerance level. Purpose is not to evaluate the correctness of response but the way of handling situation.

Following are few approaches used by interviewer in Stress interview:
  • showing 'arrogant / sarcastic / argumentative' attitude.
  • using statements like "I don't think you will fit this position" or "I don't think u know the subject, i doubt how you completed your studies" etc.
  • taking notes rather than asking questions to judge how you react to different questions.
  • make candidate wait long for to see impatience level.

How to respond a stress interview:

  • Nothing personal, interviewer is not a villain but a teaser, so don't overreact.
  • Just chill, be cool.
  • Maintain confidence and respond softly with a smile.
  • Deep breathe n thinking b4 speaking helps a lot.
  • Be clear whatever you say and Stand by your statement. Don't frequently change the answers though interviewer asks the same question again and again or says "Are you sure about your answer ?"

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