40) GD tips - Ten tips to success during a Group Discussion...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hereunder are the tips for successful Group Discussion:


  • Initiation:
    - They say well begun is half won/done. So grab the GD at ignition to lead.
    - but remember!!! Start only if you av understood the topic and you have knowledge thereto.
  • Positive approach:
    - Be positive whether its language, thinking or body language.
    - Don't dominate, rather listen with interest and then present your views.
  • Harmonise:
    - Use best possible and simple protocol to convey your ideas.
    - Never take discussion out of track, RATHER you should be the one to harmonise people if GD goes revolting.
  • Wrap-up:
    - Consider the time limit to stop the GD.
    - End with a conclusion stating important points quoted by others.
    - Appreciate contribution of negative and positive points as well.


  • Speak Value addition:
    - Utter the quality rather than worrying about the quantity you contribute.
    - Clarity of voice and thoughts is a must.
    - Never drag topic out of track.
  • Listen:
    - Rule is "Speak and listen" but not "Speak and let speak".
    - Listen the negative ideas positively and then convey your thoughts to make them agree with.
  • Expressions:
    Voice is not the only output, garnish it with followings too:
    - Eye contact
    - Smile


  • Dress code:
    - Follow the dress code as they describe or as is implied.
    - Wear proper attitude too, not only the proper dress.
  • Body language:
    - Sitting firm and straight
    - Movement of hands

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