37) Interview - What are your salary expectations?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Everyone is very well aware about the paypack s/he ll ask for. Still hereunder are sample answers for guidance:

  • "I've strong experience in this industry. My qualification and skills are perfectly fit for this designation. I would expect my compensation to be at the upper end of the position's salary band. Can you tell me what that salary band is?"
    - It is the way to counter question the interviewer regarding the offer in his/her mind. It helps to negotiate salary when you know it but wanna make sure you are paid the best.
  • "As per my information, a salary of 28,000-32,000 would reflect the best for experience and qualification for the designation and the same is what industry offers."
    - This is the reply when you know pay pack offered by the company but remember "Trust but Verify". So to verify it you can add a counter question like in Ist suggestion to make sure your information is updated.


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