25) Interview - Why Do you want to Join our company when there are so many companies in the same field.

Friday, October 3, 2008

HintClearly say, "Because, I was not shortlisted by any other company". HaHaHaHaHa

Just joking.....

Here the Interviewer tests the knowledge of the candidate about the company. Hats-off to you if you have researched a lot about the company; else you may end up putting a wrong impression. Key data about the company, you have collected, can be elaborated to the interviewer and can be compared with industry standards saying that the company is a leader in such and such respect and you want to work with the Leader.

Now the question raises, what data to be churned out from the research?

Just start from the starting year of the company to present market scenario. All imperative years of progress must be searched. Values of the company, about Founder and present CEO/Chairman, Management, Areas and countries of Business, recent ventures of the company etc. are the key Themes to be targeted in the search.

Now next question raises, Where to search all this?

On Internet foremost source is the Company’s website where from the Values of the Company, Annual Reports, Media information can be retrieved. Other sources are popular search engines like Google, Educational websites like Wikipedia etc.
Next to it are Advertisements about the company products and Job vacancies because there are given the key points about the company.

So, do your Homework to grab the Merit Certificate called Offer Letter in the Classroom of Interviewer.


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